The concept of you, show who you are

Here the note that invites you to read life by learning from each event around you.
This life entirely is negotiations, and we should be wise putting ourselves, except on matters concerning the destiny, that there is certainly no negotiation. Among the favours of Allah to us is, He helps us to recognize ourselves perfectly. With that we have ability to put it in a suitable place, or treat it in a good way.

Thus, one’s ignorance of themselves and their capabilities, will make them wrong on judging self, and will be disastrous for them. This happens when someone forced to do something outside of their capabilities so they get trouble, or make them lost moment what they should do, so they get affronted.

Say “Each work according to his manner…”{Al-‘Isra’, 17:84} And “Everyone is facilitated on what has been created for him.” {HR. Muslim}.

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There is a friend asked me “why you didn’t put your personal picture on social media?” I just answered “My feel was not comfortable if my picture looking at by any people that I don’t know, moreover that people can take my picture then use it to their purpose. It’s so scary, right?”

My friend laughed listened my answer. “What’s wrong?” I said. “You are to worry, Mina. Oh come in it’s the selfie trend. How can people know you better without looking your face?” My friend said.

I smiled and told her something that make her silent then. It’s a reality. Someone stolen my picture on Facebook some years ago and asked me to marry him. Is it too worry? Whoever can copy and save your picture. It’s a dancer thing if your picture used for bad thing by bad people, right?

I believe still many good people in this world, specially in virtual world. I just wanna learn from my bad experience although that men just copy my picture without use it to other thing or maybe I don’t know about that.

It’s easy if someone want to know me better. They can know me by reading my writing here. They will know my mind and my character. They can visit my link to my other blog or  hunt my Facebook, then read me more. They can chat and discuss with me anytime, and when we have been a good friend, of course I can share my personal picture then. I think, it will be better if they can visit me directly, or meet me at some place at my city or can also meet me and my family at home. 🙂



It’s a long time I’m not make a note, but I don’t know why in the begining of this year I want to write something.

Today is 1 Muharram 1438 H.
A New Islamic Year for every Muslim. This time…I would like to invite us to looking back for a moment, complating the historical because of the history we are here, and because of the history we also have million stories in the world. If in the earth now have 7 billion people, then will be engraved stories as much as.

Along of time, many tragedies and big events happened in the Era of the Prophet and the Companions, but why the Hijrah events being a momentum turn of the year?

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Have you heard about Ramadan? Ramadan here is not the name of someone, but the name of a month. Probably it’s sounds funny to you, why I miss a month instead of a person 😀

Well, Ramadan is the most precious month in the Islamic calender (Hijr), and it’s a obligation for me and also for all the Muslims in the world to fasting in this month. For us, Ramadan is an special moment, and it will be always waiting every year. Do you know why? I think, it’s not too late to let you know even though we have been in Ramadan month right now, and today is the days 23 of Ramadan.

Ramadan Kareem

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What do you think about two seas, guys? Have you go there? I hope will be there soon InsyaAllah. It’s one of my dreams, seeing it with my eyes directly how amazing the creature of Allah. Reminding me about which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?

two seas

For me, two seas is not only a miracle of Allah such as He mentions it in Qur’an, Surah Ar Rahman (55:19-20), but also more than that two seas give me a great meaning about life of couple.

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I’m sure nobody want to get sick or ill, right? But sometimes the condition come to you without you ask it. And what you should do when you get it?

Before I share to you my experience about that. I would like to explain about three things that you have to keep balance in your life.

First. Fikriyah (Brain). Maybe you know it as knowledge. Knowledge is important to make your brain get enough food, so all of the cells functions properly. Brains which never you used to read and to think often will be blunt and rusty. So, you have to take time to improve your knowledge to make your brain get health.

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What the meaning of faith for you?
For me faith is not only say it in the mount, but also believe it in the heart and practice it on routine activity. Islam teachs me how to trust my Lord and how to listen my Prophet. It’s not easy in the beginning, but day to day I do it sincerely, finally I’m aware how Romantic my Rabb and how true my Prophet.

As a child my childhood away from many facilities. I didn’t know many game, I didn’t have many book, I didn’t have computer and I live in a simple family, but I can grow normally and I got a good school to take study perfectly.
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